Elementary School

KINDERGARTEN (Rooms 2/4/5)

9 .77 oz. Large Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks (purple—dries clear)

2 4 oz. bottles Elmer’s School Glue

3 12-count sets of Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils

1 4-color count pkgs. Expo chisel-tip Dry Erase Markers (low odor)

1 pair 5” POINTED-TIP Fiskars Scissors

1 set 8-count assorted color Crayola Watercolor Paints

2 2-pocket POLY folders w/prongs - solid color only

2 2-pocket POLY folders w/o prongs - solid color only

2 2-pocket folders w/prongs - 1 green, 1 blue

1 2-pocket folder w/o prongs – solid color only

1 1” 3-ring binder – solid color only

1 ½” 3-ring binder – solid color only

4 pads 3”x3” post-it cubes

2 boxes Kleenex tissues

1 canister 40-count Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes

1 canister 35-count Clorox or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

1 box 20-count Zip-Lock Gallon Storage Bags (NO SLIDERS)

1 box 20-count Zip-Lock Snack Storage Bags (NO SLIDERS)

1 full-size Backpack – Please write child’s name inside bag

$20.00 cash or check (made out to: Gables Elementary) for Scholastic Magazine subscription, specific Kindergarten crayons, pencils, and journals**

**Items will be used as group supplies. When supplies are brought in, they will be placed in the community supply center. Please place all supplies in a bag with your child’s name on the bag and send to school with your child on the first full day of school or at Orientation Night.

Please do not label any of the individual items—except for the backpack!**

1ST GRADE (Rooms 15/17/18)

12 Elmer’s Glue Sticks (no bottles)

4 24-count Crayola Crayons

1 10-count Crayola wide-tip CLASIC Colored Markers

2 boxes 200-count Tissues

2 lg. Pink Erasers

2 2-pocket VINYL folders w/prongs (1 blue/1 green)

3 Black Marble Composition Books

2 canisters Clorox Wipes

1 5” point-tip Fiskars Scissors (for kids)

3 doz. Paper Mate or Ticonderoga #2 Yellow Pencils

1 full-size Backpack – no wheels (labeled with name)

1 Lunch Box (labeled with name), if necessary

**Please do not label supplies with student name. Special labels will be placed on the students’ items

and some items will become classroom supplies.**

2ND GRADE (Rooms 7/8/9)

8 .21 super sticky Elmer’s Washable Purple Glue Stick

3 100-count 3x3 super sticky Yellow Post-Its

4 lg. Pink Erasers

1 box 12-count Crayola Wide-Tip Classic Color Markers

1 box 12-count 7” Crayola Sharpened Colored Pencils

1 box 24-count Crayola Crayons

3 box 12-count Ticonderoga sharpened #2 Pencils

6 2-Pocket Folders (blue/red/green/yellow/purple/black)

4 100-count Black Marble-Cover wide-ruled Composition Notebooks

2 box 200-count Tissues

1 canister 40-count Anti-Bacterial Wet Ones Wipes

1 box 22-count Hefty Slide-lock Sandwich-size Storage Bags

3RD GRADE (Rooms 3/6)

2 24-count Crayola Crayons

2 Composition Notebooks

2 Pink Erasers (NO pencil-top)

1 Fiskars Sharp-Point Scissors

5 Pocket Folders w/clasps (red, blue, green, yellow, and orange)

2 boxes 24-count #2 TICONDEROGA Pencils

1 box Fine-Tip Markers

1 box Broad-Line Markers

12 Glue Sticks (clear or white)

2 bottles Elmer’s Glue

1 Pencil Box

2 Wide-ruled Spiral Notebooks

1 box Colored Pencils

1 Flash Drive

2 boxes Sharpies (1 fine-point, 1 ultra-fine-point)

1 pkg. Stickers

BOYS ONLY: 1 box Tissue Box

GIRLS ONLY: 1 Box Wipes

*The supplies will be community supplies. Please do not write your child’s name on any of the items. As supplies run low, we may ask you to send in additional items.*

3RD GRADE (Rooms 10)

2 Spiral Notebooks

2 Composition Notebooks

2 24-count Pencils

1 box 12-count Glue Sticks

1 pair Scissors

2 boxes 24-count Crayons

1 box Wide-Line Markers

1 box Thin-Line Markers

2 Highlighters

3 2-Pocket Folders

1 box Colored Pencils

1 set Watercolors Paints

2 boxes Tissues

1 container Disinfecting Wipes

1 Pencil Box (optional)


  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Q-Tips
  • Pom Poms
  • Straws
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Paper Plates (small or large)
  • Felt
  • Baggies (sandwich or quart-size)

    4TH GRADE (Rooms 11/12)

    8 2-pocket Folders (4 different colors)

    2 pkgs. #2 Pencils

    1 pk. Crayola Colored Pencils

    2 pkgs. Crayola Crayons

    1 pk. Crayola Thin Markers

    2 pkgs. Crayola Thick Markers

    3 bottles Glue

    6 Glue Sticks

    4 pads 3x3 Sticky Post-It Notes

    1 pair Headphones or Ear Buds

    1 pair Scissors

    1 box Tissues

    2 Dry Erase Markers

    4 Spiral Notebooks

    1 Binder

    3 Composition Notebooks

    1 bottle Hand Sanitizer

    1 container Clorox Wipes

    1 box Ziploc Sandwich Bags (GIRLS ONLY)

    1 box Ziploc Quart-Size Bags (BOYS ONLY)

    *Most of the supplies will be considered “community” supplies. Therefore, there is no need to write your child’s name on them. If your child has special pencils, sharpeners, etc., they may keep them as their own. A pencil box will be given to each child on the first day of school.*



    5TH GRADE (Rooms 13/14/16)

    4 1-subject Notebooks OR 1 3-ring Binder w/Dividers

    1 Pencil Box or Pouch

    4 boxes 24-count #2 Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

    1 bottle Elmer’s Liquid White Glue

    1 pkg. 6-count Elmer’s Glue Sticks

    1 pair Scissors

    1 box Crayola Markers

    1 box Crayola Crayons

    1 box Colored Pencils

    1 container 35-count Clorox Anti-Bacterial Wipes

    1 pkg. 4-count Highlighters

    1 pkg. 4-count Expo Dry Erase Markers

    1 pkg. Post-it Notes

    4 2-pocket Folders

    1 pkg. Lined Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

    1 pair Earbuds (optional—but, greatly appreciated!)

    BOYS: 1 box Gallon-size Ziploc Bags

    GIRLS: 1 box Quart-size Ziploc Bags

    GIFTED MATH (Room 101)

    2 1” Binders

    1 pkg. Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

    1 pkg. Notebook Dividers

    2 pkgs. Pencils

    GIFTED READING (Room 103)

    3 Composition Notebooks

    1 Notebook

    1 1” Binder

    1 pkg. Pencils

    1 pkg. Markers

    1 pkg. Colored Pencils

    1 Glue Stick

    2 Folders



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